• CPM works with clients throughout the pre-construction phase to ensure the essential elements are in place:

  • Land and property – CPM has an excellent track record of finding development sites for our clients. These range from rural exception sites that enable housing associations to provide homes for local people to city centre sites for commercial and retail development. Through our expert team and our network of contacts, CPM is frequently able to provide ‘off market opportunities’ to clients and investors.
    For customers with an existing property we’ll advise them on how to develop their asset to maximise its value and generate the best returns.

    Consultancy and planning – With our experience, we also fully understand planners’ expectations and know how to approach the planning process, including any highways implications, to maximize chances of a successful outcome.

    Investment and funding – CPM provides a wide range of investment opportunities which have generated impressive returns for both individuals and companies.
    With CPM you can invest with us. Through the CPM Fund we frequently make our own investments and are able to offer equity stakes or enter into joint ventures.We only advise clients to invest in projects that we’d be willing to invest in ourselves and this standpoint has helped to achieve excellent results for our investors, many of whom continue to invest with us.