Privacy Policy

CPM management and its employees adhere strictly to an ethics policy. This policy is a part of our culture and integrity. The employees of CPM pledge:

  • To advise our clients in a professional manner in delivering our work products.
  • To provide our clients with advice based on an honest evaluation of the facts.
  • To place service before profit; honor and standing of our profession before personal advantage; and the welfare of the public and the environment above all other considerations.
  • To compete fairly and respectfully with our professional colleagues.
  • To maintain the standards of the profession, in accordance with the laws and regulations, which govern our professional practice.
  • To avoid any conduct that could be considered unethical or immoral, or that interferes with, or conflicts with any laws, statutes or regulations.
  • To keep information and records confidential, and protect the interests of our clients, professional colleagues and employees at all times.
  • To negotiate fairly with our clients to establish a basis for compensation.
  • To seek to avoid any perceived conflict of interest that may impair our objectivity and immediately offer to withdraw from any assignment where actual conflict exists.