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Organization Process Assets

For any projects – management team, as a first and foremost activity, need to search the historical information regarding similar projects executed in their organization. If the project is in entirely new, then they need to collect information regarding similar projects from other sources. Starting a project from scratch without using any information from past projects...

Business Case Research

A business case is an argument, usually documented, that is intended to convince a decision maker to approve some kind of action. The document itself is sometimes referred to as a business case. As a rule, a business case has to articulate a clear path to an attractive return on investment (ROI). At its simplest,...

Concept and Feasibility Studies

The Feasibility, or Concept, stage of the project life cycle is the first development stage undertaken after determining the reasons and benefits for undertaking a project. This usually consists of a study, where an Initial Project Definition is developed in outline, demonstrating that the project is feasible, and identifying how the project should be structured...