Who we are ?


CPM is a project management company specialized in Design & Build and Hospitality Management, and all business requirement as program & project management, legal & financial services, project sales, software solutions and turnkey services.

Throughout our history, we have earned continued success by providing solutions to our clients to deliver efficient projects.

Our Value


CPM is not just a project management company, we are a dedicated team striving to bring growth to our community and assist our clients to start and make their dreams become a reality.


Our mission is to create the highest performance levels for any property we manage through utilizing the most sophisticated and appropriate practices. This will deliver significant new returns on investment for owners while keeping our guests happy in the best traditions of the hospitality industry. CPM employs professionals with extensive and international experience to sustain our network. Our managers are selected for their leadership qualities and represent our mission to deliver to owners, staff and customers our best endeavors on their behalf.

What we do ?

We offer our customers a comprehensive range of services to meet your needs from A to Z.

Your goal – and ours – is to keep your business running smoothly at all times. Our efforts are firmly focused on delivering what your business needs, and we cooperate closely with our customers to work out a package of services that fits perfectly for you.

We develop projects from assisting our client to initiate a new project by using professional elements to produce an accurate concept and feasibility study.

We use project management techniques to achieve projects requirement in addition to use a high software technique to keep our client online and updated with all his project details through the project life cycle and process.