Finishing and Decoration

Every client is unique, as is his or her vision for their home.  We at CPM understand this and are experienced in working with the client and all professionals as a team, to bring individual, creative ideas to reality.


Acoustical Wall Panels & Ceilings
Standard acoustical ceilings are part of our day to day installs. We also install fabric panels to help with sound control.
Access Flooring
Although we are not a distributor of a specific manufacturer, we have access to and can patch back and install many types of access flooring.
Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems is very common for building cladding. Contact us to help with your retrofit or new construction.
Although typical hard-coat plaster is not being utilized as often as it was in the past, our crews are able to install or patch back your plaster work, including ornamental plaster.
Gypsum Board
Because of the painting side of our business, we are cognizant of what it takes to produce a great finish on our drywall.
We offer intumescent coatings as well as sprayed fireproofing. Whether it’s just a patch job or a new install, please contact us.


Decorative Plaster
We have installed various types of decorative and venetian plasters. There’s something for everyone’s taste.
Decorative Ceilings
We can install security ceilings, curved ceilings, or decorative clouds. The options are endless.
Contact us for any of your exterior or interior painting needs.
Millwork Finishing
We have two in-house paint booths to shop finish any of your millwork or running trim. We can also field finish.
Durability and unique wall finishes are the two main reasons wallcoverings are used. We’ve installed typical offices as well as decorative logos.