Claims Management

Claims management is a collective term for all work that CPM carries out for people or companies that suffer damage, as well as for the insurance provider. What does this work involve?

  • Registering notice of claim (by telephone, e-mail, post or online), which automatically opens the client file.
  • Checking the cover: is the damage insured and up to what amount?Asking for documents such as police reports of road accidents, medical reports in case of injury, invoices, etc.
  • Determining which party is liable for the damage if another party is involved.
  • Determining the amount of the claim and engaging a loss adjuster if necessary.
  • Arranging for the damage to be repaired or for transport back home if the damage occurs abroad.
  • Paying the claim to the insured party.
  • Initiate subrogation process to recover  loss from a responsible third party, if applicable.
  • Reporting to our client (the insurance provider), including management information, showing e.g. the progress of all their claims files and the total amounts to be reserved and paid.
  • Fraud prevention checks.